Game wardens prepared for deer season

Game wardens prepared for deer season
(Source: KLTV)
(Source: KLTV)

KILGORE, TX (KLTV) - The woods in Texas will come alive with activity this weekend, as hunters will be out in abundance. While bow-hunting season has been in full swing,  it's the traditional opening weekend of rifle deer season.

Texas Parks and Wildlife says hunters spend over $4 billion annually on guns and hunting gear leading up to deer season.

"The adrenaline, the jitters, seeing that big buck, even doe, stepping out, there's that one moment of 'yeah, this is fixing to happen'," says Gregg County hunter Cody Barber.

"This weekend is the super bowl of our hunting season: opening weekend in East Texas," says Texas Game Warden Todd Long.

"This is the best holiday of the season. It is passing down the tradition of deer season; it's a big deal," says hunter Spencer Morgan.

But with huge numbers of hunters expected to turn out, game wardens say impatient or inexperienced hunters could cause familiar problems. A common one is wounded animals from inexperienced shots.

"Make an ethical shot. Don't rush the shot. You're going to end up wounding the animal, and a waste of game is a serious violation," Long says.

"It starts with practicing with your firearm, sighting it in before the season," Morgan says.

The elements of stealth and patience must be practiced, and knowing surroundings.

"Those animals cross multiple property lines. That's when hunters are susceptible to prosecuted for trespass," says Long.

And this heritage is a responsibility.

"One shot one kill. It's the right thing to do, it's the ethical thing to do," Long says.

Game wardens say hunters need to check with the county where they hunt in to get bag limits, as they vary from county to county. Check out the Texas Parks and Wildlife website for more information.

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