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Capital murder trial begins for man accused of killing six people at Anderson County campsite

(Source: Palestine Herald) (Source: Palestine Herald)
(Source: Palestine Herald) (Source: Palestine Herald)
(Source: Palestine Herald) (Source: Palestine Herald)

The Capital murder trial for the man accused of killing six people at a campsite in Anderson County in 2015 began today.

William Hudson, 35, was in court today. He's accused of murdering members of two families who were spending the weekend camping in Tennessee Colony. 

On Nov. 15, 2016, Nathan Kamp, 23, and Austin Kamp, 21, were murdered while on vacation with their father Thomas Kamp and his girlfriend Hannah Johnson. Johnson's  6-year-old son Kade, her father, Carl Johnson and Carl's wife, Cynthia Johnson were also on vacation with the group.

Cynthia Johnson was the only survivor.

Hudson faces three charges of capital murder. The Anderson County District Attorney is seeking the death penalty.

Hudson has pleaded not guilty on all counts.

According to the Palestine Herald jurors heard a chilling 911 call today in court. After Mitchell called Angie Brewer, a 911 supervisor for Anderson County, to the stand, Mitchell played a recording of the call. The defense team had objected, but was quickly overruled.

In whispers, the quivering voice of Cindy Johnson came over the recording: “Somebody’s killed my husband and daughter. Could you please send someone now?”

Victoria Patterson, a trainee at the dispatch center, was the initial response to the call. Brewer, her trainer, however, quickly took over when she heard what Johnson said.

“Ma’am, could you repeat that, please,” she said.

Johnson repeated her plea and provided directions to the spot where she was allegedly hiding from Hudson throughout a long, cold, rainy night.

“I don’t know where he is,” Johnson whispered. “Could you please come?”

According to the Palestine Herald, throughout the recording, Hudson,  remained expressionless throughout the morning. In the afternoon, however, as testimony went on, he began blinking rapidly and continuously.

According to the Palestine Herald, in her opening statement, prosecutor Lisa Tanner, of the State Attorney General’s Office, apologized to the jurors.

“I’m sorry,” Tanner said. “I am sorry for what you’re about to hear. I'm sorry for what you’re about to see, and I am sorry for what you’re about to experience.

“You are about to hear about a night of terror and death that should not exist in this world.”

Tanner told jurors that evidence would show that Hudson was not mentally ill, and that he knew what he was doing was wrong.

“You don’t hide the bodies or cover up the crime scene if you don’t know that it is wrong,” she said.

The defense team of Steven Evans and Jeff Herrington waved their right to an opening statement.

The trial continues Thursday.

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