East Texas athletes attend healthy masculinity conference

East Texas athletes attend healthy masculinity conference

TYLER, TX (KLTV) - Student athletes and their coaches from five different East Texas high schools met at Robert E. Lee High School in Tyler for a healthy masculinity conference Wednesday. It was hosted by the 1 in 3 Foundation, whose goal is to end sexual violence.

"We provide healing and advocacy through counseling support," organizer Maya Bethany said. "Today we're working with team captains."

She says they're working with team captains because, "they're leaders, they're respected." Bethany says she hopes these students will take what they learn and share it with their teammates.

"We're focusing on several components," she said, "including healthy masculinity, bystander intervention as well as social and emotional learning."

Students sat through the seminar in the school's Little Theater. Two presenters facilitated the presentation through a slideshow and discussion.

"If we ask ten different people what healthy masculinity means to them, we're going to get ten different responses," Bethany said.

Athletes represented various sports, including soccer, football and track and field.

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