Trial begins for suspect accused of killing man at Tyler motel

Trial begins for suspect accused of killing man at Tyler motel

TYLER, TX (KLTV) - The trial of a Houston man accused of shooting and killing a Lindale man at a Tyler motel began Tuesday.

Jared Wilson, 31, is charged with first-degree murder.

Wilson was arrested in July of 2016 after a shooting at the Royal Inn and Suites in Tyler. The man he shot, Tommy Wilson, died a short time later at a Tyler hospital.

Det. Greg Roberts testified Tuesday afternoon, saying surveillance video captured the shooting.

The video was played before the jury and showed both men walking around the motel. At one point, Tommy Wilson followed Jared Wilson and Jared Wilson spun around and began shooting Tommy Wilson. Then Tommy Wilson stumbled around before the video was stopped for the jury.

Wilson's attorney, Clifton Roberson, asked Roberts about circumstances before the shooting. Roberts confirmed two women blocked Jared Wilson's Dodge Charger in the parking lot. Then, one woman got into the car and locked herself in to keep Wilson from leaving. The other woman then drove to Lindale and picked up Tommy Wilson.

Roberts confirmed Roberson's questioning about how Tommy Wilson had three knives on him. However, Roberts said Tommy Wilson did not have a knife in his hand when he was shot. Roberson argued Jared Wilson could have felt threatened because he knew Tommy Wilson had a knife.

During Roberson's questioning, Jared Wilson nodded along.

The state argued through questioning that even if Tommy Wilson said, "I have a knife and I will kill you," that would not be enough to justify Jared Wilson murdering Tommy Wilson.

The state will continue to call witnesses Wednesday morning in Judge Jack Skeen's courtroom.

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