Spicy Halloween bark by Mama Steph

(Source: Mama Steph on East Texas Kitchen)
(Source: Mama Steph on East Texas Kitchen)

(KLTV/KTRE) - It's fun to make chocolate bark, because it can be customized for any holiday! Here's a way to make it for Halloween, with a surprising spicy kick.

Spicy Halloween Bark by Mama Steph

12 ounce bag semi sweet chocolate chips

Candies: Hot tamales, Harvest-colored M&Ms, chipotle peanuts, candy corn


1. Prepare a parchment paper-lined cookie sheet, and set it aside.

2. Pour the chocolate chips into a medium-sized microwaveable mixing bowl. Microwave for 30 seconds, then stir, microwave for 30 seconds more, then stir. If if chips aren't completely melted, one more 30 second cycle in the microwave should do it. Then stir the melted chocolate until smooth and shiny.

3. Pour the melted chocolate into the center of the parchment paper on the cookie sheet. Use a spatula to spread it into an even layer, about 8x10 inches. The size doesn't have to be exact. The important thing is to have no holes in the "chocolate sheet."

4. Quickly begin to add your favorite toppings. I sprinkled over the chocolate the spicy peanuts, then the candies. It's fun to make a bright pattern!

5. Place the cookie sheet in the fridge to harden. In about an hour, it should be completely hard, and you then can break it into pieces and place on a plate. I usually surround it with some loose candy around the edges for a festive look, but that's not required.