UPDATE: Ezekiel Elliott's suspension has been upheld, sources say

UPDATE: Ezekiel Elliott's suspension has been upheld, sources say

DALLAS, TX (KLTV) - UPDATE: Fresh off a temporary reprieve, Dallas Cowboys running back Ezekiel Elliott returned to court today to fight a six-game suspension.

The judge denied Elliott's preliminary injunction. Elliott and the NFLPA may appeal, but at it stands, he will miss the next six games. He would return on December 17 to play the Raiders, if any future appeal is denied.

ESPN's Adam Schefter explained it as follows:


Monday could mark the end of a months-long court battle.

Earlier this month, a judge threw the NFL player a lifeline and temporarily blocked a six-game suspension handed down by the NFL. That left Elliott free to play games against the San Francisco 49ers and Washington Redskins.

The main judge in Elliott's case returns today and will hear Elliott's lawyers' arguments.

Elliott and his team are seeking an injunction against the suspension, which if upheld, will render him ineligible to play the next six games.

Elliott has made several attempts to fight the NFL's ruling - a previous injunction and a temporary restraining order have already been granted in the case after a court initially sided with the NFL.

The NFLPA has expressed their frustration with the court's initial ruling, saying the NFL failed to give the player "due process."

Elliott's suspension dates back to a year-long investigation into domestic violence accusations from his ex-girlfriend Tiffany Thompson, NFL.com reports. After the investigation wrapped in August, NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell suspended Elliott, saying he violated the league's conduct policy.

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