Oh deer: Video of fallow deer on run in Longview goes viral

Oh deer: Video of fallow deer on run in Longview goes viral

LONGVIEW, TX (KLTV) - A video of a rare deer on the run has gone viral on Facebook.

A woman in Longview captured the fallow deer on video. Facebook user Carla Peoples of Longview posted the video to her page, and so far it has received more than 500 shares, 150 reactions and more than 38, 000 views.

She spotted the rare animal on the Loop 281 at FM1845.

Peoples says she did not expect the video to go viral.

She stated that the video had 202 views before she went to bed and more than 12,000 views the next morning.

"First locals shared it, then hunters, and then it went crazy," Peoples said.

She has received Facebook messages about the deer from people outside of East Texas, including messages from Alaska and Hawaii.

The fallow deer is not native to the United States. Fallow deer are native to western Eurasia. The look of the deer was so peculiar to Peoples that she had to record it.

Peoples said, "It was like a dream. The rack on the deer was gigantic"

It's possible the fallow deer belongs to a farm owner.

It has not been captured, but the Longview game warden is searching for it.

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