Zombie brains in liquid form? Thanks, Starbucks

Zombie brains in liquid form? Thanks, Starbucks

(KLTV/KTRE) - The coffee gurus at Starbucks are well-known for their unique holiday drink offerings, and Halloween is no different; this year, they're offering the "Zombie Frappuccino" to their customers.

"Walk, run, or drag one foot with your arms outstretched to grab one of our limited-time Zombie Frappuccinos," the company wrote on their website. But is this a drink their fans will want to try?

It's described as a caramel apple base with a pink mocha "zombie drizzle" and plenty of pink whipped cream, meant to look like brains. There is no coffee or caffeine in the drink. 

Twitter responded with mixed emotions.  Some fans loved it immediately, sharing photos of the new treat with the Twitterverse:

Some are skeptical.

User keileezy wasn't too excited about the sugar content, it seems. The company says there are 54 grams of sugar in a 16 ounce drink. 

And KMS1129 agrees with her.

But the vast majority of the Twitterverse seemed excited to give it a try...as are we.

Unfortunately, wherever Rothweiler events lives, she waited too late to order one.

Don't let that happen to you if you're eager to try the spooky concoction. The drink launched Thursday, October 26, and is only available for a few days, while supplies last.

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