Longview to extend trail system with $3M grant

Longview to extend trail system with $3M grant

LONGVIEW, TX (KLTV) - Longview residents who love walking or biking will soon have new routes to travel soon thanks to a $3,028,235 grant.

The grant will be used to fund an expansion for Guthrie Creek Trail. The city released a statement on the grant funds Thursday, saying the funds will allow the city to connect that trail with Paul Boorman Trail and Cargill Long Park Trail. Those three trails will provide more than 10 miles of continuous Shared Use Path in the city.

City Spokesman Shawn Hara said that the expansion has not yet been approved but is expected.

Read the statement below:

Longview's trail system received a significant boost this week when the Texas Transportation Commission announced grant funding in the amount of $3,028,235 for expansion of Guthrie Creek Trail. When completed, the Guthrie Creek Trail extension will provide a connection between the existing Paul Boorman Trail and Cargill Long Park Trail. Together, the three trails will combine to provide over 10 miles of continuous Shared Use Path (SUP) in Longview.

The Texas Transportation Commission funding will be used to construct "Guthrie Creek SUP," which will extend from Akin Park to Guthrie Park and from Guthrie Park to Paul Boorman Trail. Earlier this year, the Longview Economic Development Corporation (LEDCO) funded $1,983,923 million for Phase 1 of the project from Cargill Long Park to Akin Park. LEDCO also has pledged to provide up to an additional $4,678,013 for grant matching and other grant-ineligible costs associated with Phase 2 and 3. Construction is expected to begin this year on Phase 1.  Engineering is scheduled to start in early 2018 for Phase 2 and 3, and construction could begin as soon as summer 2019.

According to Mayor Andy Mack, "There has long been a vision to connect Longview's existing trails into a long continuous trail system, and that dream is about to become a reality. I want to thank the LEDCO board for their commitment to this project, the support from the Texas Transportation Commission, and the hard work of city staff to bring it all together. The end result is going to be an amazing enhancement to Longview's park system and quality-of-life."

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