Governor Optimistic About Getting Education Finance Bill

Two special sessions and still a final bill has not been agreed upon. We interviewed Governor Rick Perry, who says to satisfy everyone will be virtually impossible with so many elements to this bill.

"The fact of the matter is," says Governor Perry, "there are those that if we put 10 billion dollars into public schools would say it's not enough. What we're trying to find is the appropriate amount of money to get to our teachers, to get into the classrooms with new dollars, to get those textbooks into our classrooms and to give a substantial property tax cut to the citizens of the state of Texas. Let me tell you 30 cents in Tyler a good start to reducing those property taxes. And I hope the Senator and House member can support us on that. So the idea that [legislators] can't get this done is foreign to me."

The Governor went on to say, it's not the job of the Texas Supreme Court to tell the legislature what to do, referring the court's upcoming decision on whether the state's education funding system is constitutional or not.

Christine Nelson reporting.