7 On Your Side: Zabasearch.com

It's called Zabasearch. A place where anyone could look up information about you. Type in the person's first and last name, designate the state and get a person's address, home telephone number, and in some cases their month and date of birth. "They could steal your identity that way too," says East Texan Malu as she looks at the web site. We rounded up a couple people to see how easy it would be to find their information. "There I am!," exclaims Malu. She not only spotted the home she lives in now, but also an old address that brought back eerie memories. "That was when I was actually in college and I actually had someone break into my house, that house [listed on Zabasearch], in college." Jennifer not only found information on herself... "Oh my word! It's got two different street addresses in Texas that I've lived in and my parent's house." By clicking on the street address, you can get a map pinpointing where someone's house is. Or click on the background check link to get an instant background check, for a small fee.

Is this legal? According to this web site, called "Find Law", the answer is yes! Simply because Zabasearch says it gets your personal information from public records such as phone listings, court records, real property records, even subscriptions. To remove your name, Zabasearch says your request must be in writing. And you're required to submit even more personal info, like your full name including your middle initial and verification of your birth year. Zabasearch says the process takes several weeks. "Wow! That's pretty scary that you can hop online and find somebody right there. You can go on one web site and find it," says Jennifer. It was shocking enough for Jennifer and Malu to know that what was once personal has been made so easily public. They have bigger fears, though, that this information can get into the wrong hands. "It's very scary since people out there are not so nice and I'm a woman. That's what's even more scary."

To get to the instructions on how to remove your name from Zabasearch, log on to www.zabasearch.com, click on the "Terms" link at the bottom of the home page. Scroll down until you see How to Submit Records, Edit Records or BLOCK records FROM APPEARING IN ZABASEARCH.

Christine Nelson reporting. cnelson@kltv.com