Med Team: New Regulations For Certain Cold and Allergy Medicines Go Into Effect

The next time you go to buy cold or allergy medicine, you will experience a big change. Starting today, stores are required to keep products containing solid forms of pseudo ephedrine behind the counter or locked in a case. The Texas Legislature passed the bill in hopes of keeping large quantities of pseudo ephedrine, an ingredient used to make meth, out of the wrong hands.

Stores such as Target have been keeping the products behind the counter for more than a month, but now, every store must comply with the new regulation. Under the legislation, you'll have to show a photo I.D. and sign a log to get your medicine. "We have to put the date down, we have to put their birth date, their name, they have to sign for it, we have to write the product that they purchase and the number of grams of pseudo ephedrine for that product," says Richard Persinger, a pharmacist at Target in Tyler.

Some customers, such as Janice McGowen, say they don't mind taking the extra time. "This is the first time I see this and I think it's a wonderful idea. Anything to deter people from making methamphetamine," she says.

Pharmacists say keeping the medicine behind the counter has other advantages. "The pharmacist will be able to recommend what they feel is going to be a better product as opposed to the guest or the patient's pick, what they think is will suit their needs," says Persinger.

It may take a bit longer to get the medicine you want, but lawmakers and pharmacists agree, it's all to keep our community safe.

Under the new regulations, you will also be limited to purchasing two packages of any medicine containing a solid form of pseudo ephedrine, or six grams, per visit.

Oralia Ortega, reporting.