Health Officials React To Fish Kill In Lake

A follow up on thousands of dead catfish in Lake Palestine.

As we told you last night, biologists say bacteria is to blame for killing the fish. People going to the lake are concerned about fishing and swimming there.

Right now, health officials say you should not be worried, but say it's probably best not to touch the dead fish.

"We know that we have dead catfish, but we don't relate it to any germs or viruses that might be a danger to people," Dr. James Wright, of the Texas Department of State Health Services, said. "Therefore, based on the catfish kill, we would not say that you can't fish or swim in the lake."

Dr. Wright says to thoroughly cook any fish you catch.

Biologists with Texas Parks & Wildlife say they plan to catch a live catfish and send it in for testing to determine the type of bacteria killing the fish.

Julie Tam, reporting.