BB gun suspect jailed in Longview

BB gun suspect jailed in Longview

LONGVIEW, TX (KLTV) - A man arrested for a probation violation has been named as a suspect in the case of criminal mischief in Longview which resulted in nearly ninety car windows shot out with a BB gun.

Jose Edmundo A. Pintor-Cervantes was arrested Friday for probation violation and an Immigration detainer. Longview Police believe he and another man purchased a BB gun and BBs at a Longview Walmart before the incident took place.

"Both of the two suspects that we believe committed these offenses were caught on video inside one of the Walmart stores which lead us to the information that we currently have, and the direction the detective's going with this case," said Longview Police Sgt. Shane McCarter.

Longview Police are rolling the 76 cases reported to LPD into one criminal episode which could bring a stiffer penalty. The second suspect has not yet been arrested.

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