Veteran gets new roof from national program

Veteran gets new roof from national program

MURCHISON, TX - It was a noisy morning for James Edward Craft, but the noise was a welcoming sound, as this Vietnam veteran's home was in need of new roof.

"I never thought I deserved anything this nice," said Craft. "They stepped out of their way to really help me."

Craft reached out to The Habitat for humanity of Smith County for assistance and it was not long before he got picked for Owens Corning's National Roof Deployment Project. Owens Corning Platinum Preferred provided the material and Simmons and Sons Roofing took care of the labor, all for free,

During the day-long project, every piece of the Marine Corps veteran's roof came off.

"This is wonderful that they were able to get this done for me. I really appreciate them so much," said Craft.

Just recently, Smith County's Habitat for Humanity also repaired Craft's heating, ceiling, bathroom, and kitchen.
Raimund Gideon with the nonprofit says more and more veterans are reaching out for help.

"There is a large veteran population and there are many of them that are in need," said Gideon.

In the last five years, over 70 veterans in the surrounding areas have received assistance with critical home repairs.

Craft and his daughter will live comfortably, and for many of the volunteers it's just a small way to say 'thank you' for his service.

"I'm raising a 16-year-old, so, this is for me and her," said Gideon.

This project done at Craft's home has a value of $6,000
The Habitat for Humanity encourages veterans to reach for assistance.

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