Winds up to 50 mph damage Upshur County homes

Winds up to 50 mph damage Upshur County homes

UPSHUR COUNTY, TX (KLTV) - Several homes were damaged in Upshur County after Sunday's round of strong storms.

It was an unpleasant wake-up call for Jerry Jones and his family early Sunday morning.

"I heard a lot thunder, a lot of wind and a lot of howling," said Jones.

Jones said all he could hear were trees falling, but he had to wait until sunrise to see the damage that was left behind.

"A lot of our house was tore up, and our fence was down in a lot of places," said Jones.

Parts of Jones' fence were either blown down, or crushed by trees that now lay on his yard.

The National Weather Service reported winds up to 50 miles per hour hit the area Sunday morning.

"The neighbors on both sides of me got damage; not as much as we did, but they got quite a bit," said Jones.

NMS also reports minor damage in Rusk County and Gregg County.

Hours after the storm was over, Jones isn't as concerned with the speed of the winds that caused the damage. He's more worried about the cost.

"I guess it's mostly going to be on me," said Jones when asked about the cost of the repairs.

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