TMB suspends Carrollton physician-in-training

TMB suspends Carrollton physician-in-training

From the Texas Medical Board: 

On October 19, 2017, a disciplinary panel of the Texas Medical Board temporarily suspended, without notice, the Texas physician-in-training permit of J. Alan Waters, Jr., M.D., after determining his continuation in the practice of medicine poses a continuing threat to public welfare. The suspension was effective immediately.

The Board panel found that Dr. Waters is unable to safely practice medicine due to substance abuse. While deployed with the Army National Guard, Dr. Waters was apparently called to serve in a medical unit in his capacity as a physician to treat civilian patients in Beaumont for Hurricane Harvey relief.

On or about September 6, 2017, during this service, Dr. Waters was working the night shift as the "doctor on duty." Several medics were also on duty at the same time at the same facility.

During the night, the medics witnessed Dr. Waters acting strangely. Dr. Waters emerged from the temporary sleeping room and asked the medics on duty why they were still awake, and told them to go to sleep. Several hours later, Dr. Waters again emerged from the sleeping room. He stumbled down the hallway, leaning against the wall for support, and was mumbling incoherently. The medics assisted Dr. Waters to a cot and began providing medical assistance. Dr. Waters was observed to have IV site marks on all four extremities, including in between his toes. One medic went into the sleeping room and observed dozens of used syringes, bloody combat gauze, and empty bags of IV fluids strewn about. There were also empty vials and bottles of medications.

Several weeks after this incident, Dr. Waters failed to disclose to the Board his reported abuse of drugs and work as a physician.

A temporary suspension hearing with notice will be held as soon as practicable with 10 days' notice to Dr. Waters, unless the hearing is specifically waived by Dr. Waters.

The temporary suspension remains in place until the Board takes further action.