Gift of Love: Andrew

Gift of Love: Andrew
Checking out the museum
Checking out the museum

(KLTV) - It was an afternoon of discovery for Andrew and me as we made our way through the Historic Aviation Memorial Museum at the Tyler airport's old passenger terminal building. This 13-year-old says one day he wants to fly for the Air Force, but for now he's making his way through 7th grade.
Andrew does well in school and is currently making A's in almost all of his classes.

"I like science, art and athletics," Andrew said.

When not in school, Andrew likes to be involved in a variety of activities.

"I like to fish, play, draw, sometimes I read whenever I get a chance to. Sometimes I play Xbox," Andrew said.

Andrew also likes to be active. He is currently a yellow belt in karate and is working on getting his orange belt. Andrew says he also likes playing sports and is on the 7th grade football team.

"I like to play soccer and football. My favorite team is the Seattle Seahawks and Dallas Cowboys," Andrew said.

Andrew says when it comes to his forever family, he looks forward to the everyday interaction and spending family time together.
"I kinda want to live in the country area. I love animals I like animals, dogs, cats, cows things like that," Andrew said. 

Andrew also says he would like an older brother to hang out with.

"Siblings would make it kinda better. An older brother or something like that somebody to play with or ride with that's around my age. Maybe older than me. Someone I can look up to," Andrew said.

A brother and a family that can embrace Andrew and show him the Gift of Love.

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