Intense storm causes longer power outage than expected in Tyler area

Intense storm causes longer power outage than expected in Tyler area

TYLER, TX (KLTV) - Intense thunderstorms passed through the East Texas area last night, causing hundreds of power outages along the way.

"The lightening struck and I heard it right over here," says Tyler resident Brant Palmer. "All of a sudden the power went out, and we went to Walmart and Whataburger to get something to eat and the power was out there too."

The power was restored quickly for some but, others we're inconvenienced for most of the afternoon.

"I pulled up to Walmart and thought I was going to get my groceries, and apparently the power is out," says Jamie Johnson.

As quickly as shoppers arrived at the Walmart on Troup highway, they were turned away. Employees said the power had been out since 6 A.M., and wouldn't be back on until 3:30 P.M.

Business in the shopping center across the street we're left without power as well.

"I had two people sitting out there and they were just like watching me and I guess they thought I was just being lazy and not opening the store but, I couldn't do anything about it," says Verizon employee Cody Sparks. "I had my hands tied."

Employees at Cato Fashion say the power couldn't have went out at a worse time

"At least we have the lights on but, the registers have been down since just a few minutes ago," says Cato employee Kathy L. Murphy. "It's mark down day at Cato Fashions so, people were waiting at the door."

Those left in the dark agreed that the length of the power outage was surprising.

"I've lived in Tyler my whole life," says Palmer. "For it to knock out a whole Walmart and a whole complex all around I did not expect that."

While power was restored in the area throughout the afternoon, it's safe to say even a tiny storm can put a damper on one's day.

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