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Study claims In-N-Out is favored by Texans over Whataburger


What's the most popular fast food chain in each state? Foursquare says they've found the answer.

The company recently released a study showing their findings which was published on Business Insider's website. But it's the Lone Star State results that have some Texans crying foul.

The study claims that Texans' favorite fast food is - steady yourself - In-N-Out Burger. In-N-Out Burger is a chain based in California. 

According to Business Insider, the study was based on which chain received the most visits on average per location.

While Texans have no beef with the California chain, many claim a diehard loyalty to the Texas-based Whataburger chain, with its generously-sized burgers, hot patty melts and creamy shakes. 

Twitter grilled Business Insider over the study's claims. 

And just in case you were curious, there are 35 In-N-Out locations in Texas. There are 669 Whataburger locations in Texas. 

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