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7/31/05-Oxnard, CA

Bledsoe Entrenched Atop QB Heap

It’s a voice that just commands attention. That voice belongs to Drew Bledsoe, and the new man in town is quickly establishing himself as the field boss.

"At my position playing quarterback, first of all you have to establish to your teammates that you know what the heck is going on," said Bledsoe, "so that they know and that they can believe that when you tell them something that you know what your talking about."

Bledsoe impressed teammates by coming into camp as one of the top conditioned guys on the team, and teammates are taking notice.

"Drew is a great quarterback," said running back Julius Jones. "I have no doubt about what he can do this year for us. He’s just a great addition to the team."

Head coach Bill Parcells is very familiar with Bledsoe. The pair took the Patriots to Super Bowl XXXI, where they lost to Green Bay . Bledsoe would be on the winningPpatriots team in Super Bowl XXXVI, but he did so as Tom Brady’s backup. So despite nearly 40,000 career passing yards, you can understand why he feels like he still has something to prove.

"I've got one of those rings, but I wasn't on the field when we won it," said Bledsoe, "and I want to go win a championship and be the guy on the field when the game is over."

The 33-year-old knows his time with the Cowboys may be his last shot at greatness. He also understands what it means to put that star on your helmet.

"You play quarterback for the Cowboys you've got a lot of hall of fame guys that came before you," said Bledsoe, "so it’s definitely a position where I feel that history. And, hopefully when I'm done, I'll be a small part of it."

So, with Bledsoe firmly entrenched in the starting role, the only question that remains is, who will be his backup? Drew Henson or Tony Romo?

"I'm going to try to make that as fair and as equal as possible," explained Parcells, "and I do think it will be simple."

"I think we're the only team in the league that brought three (quarterbacks) in," said Henson, "so, you know you get a lot of throws in the individual stuff and team drills."

"It'll play itself out," added Romo. "I mean, we're going to get so many reps, and there’s going to be so many opportunities to play, and hopefully play well, that it’ll be real apparent I think."

Bledsoe seems to relish the opportunity to share his 12 years of experience with the two young quarterbacks.

"Romo and Henson are both guys that have good physical tools," said Bledsoe. "Both guys are willing to learn and they are peppering me with questions all the time, and I enjoy that role along with everything else that goes along with the job."

"There’s a lot you learn by being on the field and playing a ton of games so anything that he mentions or passes along, we definitely take," said Henson.

"Anytime you've been in the league as long as he has," joked Romo, "it’s, he’s got to be going on what, 20, 22 years now?

Bledsoe is relishing the opportunity to renew the chemistry he had with receiver Terry Glenn in New England. They showed a little of that at the end of practice today, when Bledsoe threw deep and Glenn dove to make the acrobatic catch.

Kevin Berns reporting.

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