Better East Texas: Are late night talk shows getting too political?

(KLTV) - For decades, late night talk show hosts have occasionally poked fun and criticized our elected representatives.  But now, it seems that it is popular among those programs to continually go after the president and congress and other federal officials. 

Now, President Trump makes himself an easy target with some of his tweets and off-script comments, but late night TV hosts have worn out the bit. Jimmy Kimmel has gone a step farther by abandoning comedy numerous times during his monologue to make serious and heartfelt and even angry appeals about healthcare reform and gun control. He does have a very personal story about his son's heart condition, and you can understand his connection to healthcare issues but when someone like Kimmel or even professional athletes start weighing in with continued frequency, the audience tires. 

We watch late night TV to relax, laugh a little, and generally wind down before bed.  Our brains and psyche need a pause and these programs used to be a bit of an escape from the heavy issues of the day.  But like social media and other formerly innocent outlets, late night hosts often add more tension than they relieve. 

If Kimmel wants to become a political commentator, then he and the others can go that route but it will erode the platform that they currently have.  Some criticism and light-hearted jabs on sensitive topics are fine, even welcome at times, but the flood must end or audiences will choke and wither.

A little entertainment at the end of the day will relax everyone and make for a Better East Texas.   

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