Better East Texas: Weinstein fallout comes a bit late

(KLTV) - There has been a continuous stream of celebrity testimonies about sexual assaults by Harvey Weinstein, one of the most powerful movie producers in Hollywood.  At least he WAS one of the most powerful.

He has fallen from his perch in the industry and is going through a divorce from both his wife and the company that bears his name. Numerous female actresses have come forward and are telling of their experiences with Weinstein that appeared to have occurred over a 25-year period. A quarter century of abuse.

Now, we have all heard the stories of how victims of sexual abuse can feel ashamed and many times don't come forward because of the prospect of being accused of some wrongdoing themselves, so you have to applaud those that have come forward. But this movement is 25 years too late. It appears that many people in the movie industry knew of Weinstein's actions, and there were even some glancing jokes that alluded to Weinstein's relationship with women actors. 

So that reality, that many appeared to know about these crimes, is where it all goes horribly wrong. The victims feared for their careers, but it took one to step forward. If it had been sooner, then perhaps other crimes would have been prevented. But the biggest issue is that many in the industry appeared to have had knowledge of the crimes, so turning away with that knowledge is criminal in itself. There will be more fallout from this and some big names will be involved – it is just so sad that it took this long to stop.

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