Better East Texas: Bump stocks need to go

(KLTV) - In the wake of the mass shooting of 58 people in Las Vegas recently, the debate on so-called assault-style rifles surfaced again. But this time, a specific item known as a bump stock has been singled out as something the shooter used to modify a perfectly legal gun into a gun that more closely preforms like a machine gun or a fully automatic gun.

Machine guns and fully automatic firing guns are illegal in America. A little history on the bump stock - These devices, which are currently legal, were introduced to the free market during President Obama's administration. Twelve of the Las Vegas shooter's guns were outfitted with them.

Now Congress and the National Rifle Association are weighing in on what to do about bump stocks.

Congress is moving slowly, and while many representatives believe they should be banned, others want more information or study. The NRA wants the president to address the issue with an executive order to keep lawmakers from reaching beyond just dealing with bump stocks if legislation were passed.

So, it gets down to the president or congress. Unfortunately, the call for more study will probably win out, which will diminish the urgency in getting something done and will lower the emotions over time. And in that case, that is not good.  The president, known for at least attempts at moving fast, needs to step up immediately and act. If not, he should demand a plan of action from lawmakers on getting this need addressed.  But no action is not an option.  Bump stocks need to go.

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