Better East Texas: Pence walks out of NFL game due to protest

(KLTV) - On October 8 we saw the continuation of the national anthem protests at many games across the NFL.  But there was a new dynamic.

Vice President Mike Pence attended the Indianapolis Colts game and stayed through the National Anthem but left immediately after it citing the fact that several players on the San Francisco 49ers team kneeled during the anthem. Vice President Pence was essentially protesting the protest.

I suppose I see his point, but do he and the president expect people to walk out of stadiums in protest?  Is this really a way to a constructive solution or is this administration truly trying to weaken or punish the league for this behavior?  I suppose all is possible, but we need to have someone step up to spark dialogue and then action to restore a balance on this issue.  It is a lousy example, no matter what side you are on, for our children, and will only get worse until adults step in and move to a common goal.

Right now we have two sides trying to scream a louder protest that is not-in-the-least productive.  Additionally, Vice President Pence should have just passed on going to the game.  It was no surprise that players knelt and his orchestrated action cost the taxpayers money, for really what result?  This is starting to trickle down to school kids and is affecting those participating in the Pledge of Allegiance and will become a cancer unless it is addressed.

Someone, please address it. That will make for a Better East Texas.

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