Longview All Breed Dog Show Held

For East Texas dog owners, it's the World Series and the Super Bowl rolled into one.  Talented and not so talented pooches were on hand this weekend for the 48th annual Longview Kennel Club All Breed Dog Show.  Over a two day period, 2,500 dogs were entered into this year's show.  The event was so big, it filled Maude Cobb Activity Center and the Exhibition Center.

"I think people just enjoy getting out and having fun with their dogs.  A well trained dog is a joy to live with and they just enjoy doing that," said obedience judge Cheryl Ethridge.

The competition brought dog owners from all over the country.  Paul Hannah and his dog Dusty, who came from Missouri, attend 150 dog shows a year.

"When it's your dog, it's just a great time. You just really enjoy it doing it ," says Hannah.

Dogs competed in numerous categories including best of breed, obedience and all around.  And for the competitors it wasn't so much about winning or losing but just participating.

"It's the comradery, it's being with your friends.  I have friends from Houston, and it's like the over 50 slumber party for the weekend," says Fort Worth sheep dog breeder Enid Fritz.

There's only one regulation: no cats.  Everyone's dog was the best one, according to the owners, and this day that went to the dogs was well worth it.

The next dog event will be the Dog Agility Show in Carthage in October.

Bob Hallmark reporting, bhallmark@kltv.com