‘Kick Your Hat Challenge’ new social media trend for drill team dancers

‘Kick Your Hat Challenge’ new social media trend for drill team dancers

TYLER, TX (KLTV) - A new challenge is taking over the world of social media. Dancers from across Texas are posting pictures of themselves kicking their hats off.  It's called the #kickyourhatchallenge.

"It's a big signature movement, especially in East Texas," said Bailey Miley, captain of the Tyler Junior College Apache Belles. "You see drill teams do it because it's a crowd pleaser, because they are all asking, 'how are they doing it?'"

Miley said it takes a lot of hard work and stretching.

"Building up leg muscle...and it's not just about flexibility, it's about the stamina to get your leg up so high," said Miley

This Texan move, as Miley calls it, is the latest craze dancers are posting about using #kickyourhatchallenge.

"The boots and hats are big in East Texas," said Miley. "So, kicking the hat is a big deal, it's a big goal girls work toward."

Every dancer that is posting their high-kick hopes to win free dance classes at 'A Body in Motion - The Studio' located in Carrollton, Texas.

Every share and retweet earns participants a vote. One winner from a high school drill team and one from a college team will be selected.

But it not just about winning for Miley. For her, it's also about carrying on a Texan move into her next goal.

"I will be auditioning for the Aggie dance team this coming June," said Miley.

Expect to see the hashtag around until the end of the competition on November 4.

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