Gift of Love: Legacy Closet

Gift of Love: Legacy Closet

(KLTV) - Kara Curfman and her husband were foster parents for 7 years. They know first hand what's it's like to get a call in the middle of the night and having only hours to get prepared for a new child. Through their experience the idea of the Legacy Closet was born. Just last month they helped outfit 147 children placed in foster care.
"Legacy Closet is a closet literally with just about anything for children, a little bit for teens, babies, we have high chairs, car seats, a little bit of toys but mainly the necessities blankets, shoes, those kinds of things, to get them started," Kara Curfman, Legacy Closet Founder said.

This little closet grew from garage sales, friends passing on clothes and friends shopping sales. Shortly thereafter, Fellowship Bible Church began the Legacy Ministry for orphan care and the 2 joined together in name. The closet became a shared closet for other foster families within the church and then it began to be shared beyond the church into East Texas. And now the Legacy Closet is a 501c3 non-profit.
Curfman says it's a needed service for those helping a child who has just gone through the traumatic experience of being taken away from their parents.

"To take that child is more traumatizing to them How many stores can you hit with a crying baby or an 8-year-old that wants to know where mommy is and they may go back in two weeks and they may go back in a year and a half," Kara Curfman, Legacy Closet Founder.

Legacy Closet volunteer and former foster mother Melanie Wright says she knows first hand what it is like to get the call and have no time to get need clothes and baby items. Her now adopted daughter, Maguire, was one of those phone calls.

"With our 3-year-old that we adopted. We actually got the call while we were in Dallas. And she was not in Dallas. She was 3 hours away. So we had to rush home to met them at the hospital. And while I was doing all that, I had a friend come gather up new born little girl things because we had nothing," Wright said.

It's a mission these women say they feel called to carry out.

"If we don't do it, who's going to? These children didn't come into care because of something they did. They need somebody to love them, so if we can support those families to take one more placement, to stay licensed for one more year, to do one more thing for one more child, then if it's that we've given them new socks and underwear or we've given them a huge, I think that's what God wants Legacy Closet to do," Kara Curfman, Legacy Closet Founder said.

Looking forward, the Legacy Closet hopes to get more man power.

"We hope to get more volunteers so that we can open like a store," Curfman said.

In hopes they can share the Gift of Love with other foster and adopt families in East Texas.

The Legacy Closet has a goal of getting 6 churches to sign up to do a drive twice a year to get donations of larger size diapers, socks, underwear, gift cards for teens, shoes, school supplies as well as new and gently used clothing.

They also have an online support group with almost 300 foster and adopt families where people can get support, share stories and experiences and ask questions.

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