Neighbors call criminal mischief spree 'senseless,' more than 60 vehicles damaged

Neighbors call criminal mischief spree 'senseless,' more than 60 vehicles damaged

GREGG COUNTY, TX (KLTV) - Longview residents are calling a criminal mischief spree during which more than 60 vehicles were damaged "senseless."

Early Monday morning suspects shot out the windows of more than 60 vehicles in the area.

It happened all over the east side of Longview, from north to south. Longview police have released surveillance video of what they believe is the suspect's vehicle. It's a light-colored Chevy extended cab truck, possibly a '97 or '98 model.

KLTV spoke with two victims - one as she discovered broken windows on two vehicles while our camera rolled.

Many Longview residents discovered the bad news as they headed out for work, and Longview police were inundated with calls.

Indra Reyes has lived on Dale Street for a decade, but this was the first time someone broke her car window.

"I was awake last night between 12 and 1 o'clock and I just heard a noise like something clapping," Reyes said.

After she discovered the damage, she filed a police report and then a couple passersby noticed her neighbor's cars. She got the attention of Odessa Boyce who saw the damage for the first time.

Neighbors say it was a senseless act.

"What can you think, you know? Just some crazy person just decided to wreak havoc on other people," Boyce said.

Meanwhile, Ricky King came home to an unpleasant discovery.

"I wasn't expecting this this morning," King commented.

Police say the damage inflicted was the result of a BB gun.

"All with a BB gun, they're all the same," the officer on scene said.

And the reports rolled in.

"We've taken roughly 50 to 60 different reports involving vehicles throughout the city that have had damage resulting from probably BBs," said Sgt. Shane McCarter with the Longview Police Department.

More than 50 incidents were reported in the city, and seven more in Gregg County. There were no reports of vehicle burglaries.

Police say that altogether the damages will easily exceed $10,000 - which could classify the combined offenses as a state jail felony. If caught, the perpetrators could face two years in state jail and a $10,000 fine should the district attorney's office decide to prosecute in that manner.

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