City of Tyler Investigates The Arrest Of Two Hispanic Men

The city of Tyler now plans to conduct its own investigation into the arrest of two Hispanic men earlier this month. An internal investigation is already underway at the Tyler Police Department. The department has placed one officer on administrative leave.

68-year-old Jose Romero and 33-year-old Ramon Gomez-Alanize were arrested when police responded to a reported shooting on the night of July 15th. Police later determined, the two had nothing to do with the shooting.

Yesterday, the Tyler Morning Telegraph printed photos showing Romero and Gomez-Alanize the night of the arrest. Romero's face appeared red and swollen. In the paper's article Romero and Gomez-Alanize's common-law wife claim police used excessive force during their arrest.

The police department is still not releasing specific details of its investigation. Officer Don Martin says, "because it's an internal investigation and we make sure that we protect the officers as well as everyone else and that information isn't for public record until the investigation's closed and even at that time there are certain things that are protected." City Manager Bob Turner says, "the bottom line is what happened and why did it happen. To me, that's what I want to find out. To me, the truth part of this that I will have answered at the end of the process is, what happened and why."

The F.B.I. and the District Attorney's Office are also reviewing the case.