Dog shot with arrow recovering, earns new moniker 'Robin Hood'

Dog shot with arrow recovering, earns new moniker 'Robin Hood'

LONGVIEW, TX (KLTV) - A dog found with an arrow in its back has been named "Robin Hood" by the Longview Animal Care and Adoption Center.

The veterinarian that performed surgery on Robin Hood says he's lucky to be alive. Robin Hood is moving around better after two days recovering from surgery, but they say it looked pretty bad when the dog was brought in.

Dr. Christine Prior says the arrow that pierced Robin Hood's back was four and a half inches inside his body.

"It did miss all the bones. In this view, it looks like it may have gone into the chest cavity and hit a lung, but when we took some more views we could tell that it went alongside the chest cavity," Prior says.

She says it was fortunate there was no tip on the arrow.

"The fact that it was blunt right there probably tore more muscle rather than cutting. If it had had a tip on it I think we would have more hemorrhaging," Prior says.

Dr. Prior thinks the wound happened the day they picked up the dog.

"The wound was still relatively fresh but not dripping blood like it had just happened so several hours probably," Prior says.

She says Robin Hood was in a lot of pain and probably moved very little after the arrow entered his body, and may not have been able to sit or lay down.

She adds that if he had moved around too much, "It could have lead to paralysis or something like that."

And a pellet from a pellet gun they found may have been there a while.

"There wasn't a wound that I could find that was fresh from that so that could have been from a previous incident," Prior says.

There was also a piece of metal near Robin Hood's sternum.

"I want to know what it is but it would probably be more invasive and traumatic for me to go in and take it out," Prior reveals.

The dog has a collar but no tag.

"At some point, somebody cared enough about him to put a collar on him," Prior observed.

If the owner doesn't come forward by Saturday, Robin Hood will belong to the Longview Animal Care and Adoption Center and will eventually go up for adoption.

If the owner does come forward, he or she would be questioned to find out if Robin Hood was stolen or if they had anything to do with the incident. Center employees say they have been taking calls about the dog but don't have a good lead yet.

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