Mandatory Water Ban In Owentown Lifted For Residents Saturday

A new water pump is online and working in the Owentown area.
A water conservation emergency had been in effect for the Smith County community since Tuesday. A temporary pump went down Thursday afternoon.
However, early Friday morning it was replaced and the new pump is up and running. The water restriction will be lifted Saturday morning. But officials are asking residents to still use caution.
"We've got some recovery time that we need to have to get our system completely recharged," said Tommy Vice of Smith County Water Control & Improvement District #1.
"We have to get our tanks built up so we can deal with a fire if a fire breaks out. We need a little bit of down time (Friday night) for our well, so it can breathe a little."
Residents can begin watering Saturday at 8 a.m. Businesses can begin Monday morning. Restrictions and fines will still be in effect until then.

Maya Golden reporting,