Flipping To The Top

Her name could soon be listed among the elite in the world of gymnastics.
  We first introduced you to 15-year-old Storey Morris in June. Earlier this week, Storey took home top honors at the U.S Challenge Senior All Around.
Storey idolizes the legends of her sport.
  "When I was little, I was always wanting to be up there with them and so now, I'm just one step away."
  With her win at the U.S. Challenge Senior All Around, Storey has catapulted to a higher ranking. She is now pre-elite, just a national win away from representing the U.S.A.
  KLTV first caught up with Storey as she and teammate Alaina Johnson trained with legendary gymnastics Coach Bella Karolyi. He's lead countless young women to Olympic gold. It was a opportunity Storey said inspired her.
  "Just putting in all that work and actually seeing it happen and your goals and everything sometimes," Storey said.
  This 15-year-old does miss just hanging out like other teens. But, her rows of gold medals reminds her of where she's headed.
  "They are out there doing all that and whatever, but then going to this meet and winning it's just another reimbursement that yes this is what I want to do."
  She's not very tall, but her strength can rival any football player. She's trained for 8 years, sometimes with just one day off a week.
  "We do six hours, four days a week and four hours on Friday and Saturday. I like vault and beam the best. Beams are just like really hard and once you get it down and everything and accomplish your goals, it's exciting."
  Though her flips seem to defy gravity, this teen is as grounded as they come. She tries not to think about it, but she knows the Olympics may be just a few flips away.
"You just take it step by step and if it's there then sure," she laughed.
  Storey will start competing again in January. She is vying for a spot at the U.S. Gymnastic Nationals. With a win there, she would become one of the few elite gymnasts in the country and go on to compete in foreign countries.

Maya Golden reporting, mgolden@kltv.com