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Gun shop owner says 'bump stocks' are in high demand since Vegas attack

(Source: KLTV News Staff) (Source: KLTV News Staff)

In the wake of the Las Vegas shooting, bump stocks became part of the conversation, after investigators revealed the gunman used them in his deadly shooting spree.

The bump stock manipulates the gun to fire much more quickly without having to illegally tamper with the interior mechanism. Now, Washington lawmakers are discussing whether new gun regulations are needed, but before that happens, East Texans are trying to stock up.

“We have had hundreds of calls of people trying to get them,” said Austin Rohr, owner of Superior Firearms in Tyler.

According to Rohr, he has seen an increase of customers looking to purchase bump stocks because there is fear a ban could soon come as a result of the massacre in Las Vegas

“Whenever an unfortunate event happens, we do see people come out and buy more,” Said Rohr. He adds, “We saw our busiest weekend this past week.”

Despite hundreds calling into his business, customers will not find bump stocks at Superior Firearms. Rohr said he does not sell them because it’s not a commonly purchased item.

“It was a stock that didn’t sell,” Rohr said. “So, we discontinued them and we won’t be ordering anymore.”

The possibility of a ban is a discussion in Washington D.C.;  just last week, Democratic senators introduced a bill to ban bump stocks. Whether it moves forward or not, Rohr believes that tightening any gun laws won't prevent future tragedies.

“You can’t control people; when someone has that much evil in their heart, there is not much you can do about it,” Rohr said.

The National Rifle Association told the Associated Press it opposes a ban on bump stocks but it is open to discussing regulations.

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