Proud of East Texas: Gentry Wild

TYLER, TX (KLTV) - "This mirror came out of the Mary Kay Ash estate in Dallas. It was in the pink mansion."

The antiques and decorative items that Janna McClure buys and sells at Gentry Wild, don't have to belong to someone famous like Mary Kay Ash, but they do have to be real and to have an interesting story.

"I think the best thing about what I do is connect people with real things, whether that's a real artist or a real piece of furniture or a real story."

Ironically, Gentry Wild came about after a broken pipe in Janna's  home destroyed some of her prized antique furniture.

"I didn't really know how to replace them."

Janna saw an ad for an auction and thought that might be the place to start.

"The crazy thing was I get there and there were fabulous pieces that were going for nothing."

Not only was Janna able to replace her lost pieces, but she was able to help friends find pieces for their homes.

"It just kind of rolled from there. I started replacing for myself but then buying for friends along the way and then I'd see another piece and I can't leave this here."

At first, Janna put the extra pieces in her garage, selling some of them online. But soon business got too big, and that's when Gentry Wild, named after Janna's grandmother was born.

"She started my love for antiques so I wanted to use her name."

Janna has a keen eye for what's good or as she puts it 'real'.

"I found a stack of Dorothy Draper chests which are like the be all, end all of regency pieces. They were stored in a barn in Athens and no one was bidding on these. I bought the entire stack of them and I think I paid maybe $15 or $20. Sarah Jessica Parker has one in her office."

Janna does go to a lot of auctions, but they're what she finds especially fascinating.

"One of my favorite auctions was an auction at a sound stage in Shreveport."

MGM Artifacts from a TV show going off the air were being auctioned off, as well as the 27 antique rugs that Janna bought for about $40.

While the sound stage auction turned out to be a bonanza, it's the country estate auctions that are Janna's favorites.

"They auction everything from the estate on the front porch."

Although Janna buys pieces that her clients are looking for, she also buys furniture to put in her warehouse, just because she knows their value and wants to save the pieces.

These pieces are available for purchase at the cocktail party she has at her warehouse every few weeks. There's no regular schedule for the cocktail party but it is announced on her Facebook page.

"My clients vary. I have a long of young clients because our pieces are really really affordable. We price everything at wholesale."

Affordable 'real' pieces are the signature of Janna McClure and her Gentry Wild.

"The best part for me is just kind of buying real, along with real craftsmanship, real stories, real people, real artists and nothings commercial about it."

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