One year after wreck, local marketing professional honored with top award

One year after wreck, local marketing professional honored with top award

TYLER, TX (KLTV) - An East Texas who survived a horrific 18-wheeler crash last year was given a top honor from a national healthcare advocacy group.

Leslie Fossey Rollings, a marketing professional with Azalea Orthopedics, continues to support her employer in various roles even during her long recovery. For this, the Physician Hospitals of America honors her with its President's Award.

Rollings wasn't able to attend the award ceremony next week in North Carolina because of her injuries, but accepted the award at the Texas Spine and Joint Hospital on Thursday in Tyler.

Press Release from the Physician Hospitals of America:

   Physician Hospitals of America (PHA) announced today that they will honor Leslie Fossey of Tyler, TX, with the Physician Hospitals of America President's Award for 2016-2017.  The award recognizes an individual PHA member who has exhibited outstanding service to the organization during the past year. 

   The mission of PHA is to offer support, advocacy and educational services to the physician owned hospital industry, reflecting at all times the best interests of the patients, physicians, and other providers who play an inextricable and essential role in the provision of healthcare services. PHA envisions a healthcare system focused primarily on quality patient care, in which physicians are involved in every aspect of delivery.  The PHA President's Award recognizes individual contributions to the organization in the areas of committee activity, conference planning, legislative management and public awareness.  Award nominees must be employed by or affiliated with a PHA facility, industry partner, affiliate or corporate member in good standing.

  "The PHA President's Award was established to celebrate an individual who has exhibited outstanding service to our organization. It gives me great pleasure to recognize Leslie Fossey with this year's award," stated PHA President Dr. R. Blake Curd.  "No one has exhibited greater passion for PHA's mission of providing the highest-quality of patient care at lower costs than Leslie."

According to the PHA Awards Committee, Ms. Fossey received multiple letters of recommendation.  Her contributions to the organization include spearheading marketing efforts, mentoring the marketing staff members of multiple member facilities, political activism at both state and national levels, event planning and patient advocacy.  Even more impressive, she performed and accomplished many of these tasks while recovering from a near fatal auto accident which left her with a severe head injury. 

"I am humbled and honored by this prestigious national award given to me by Physician Hospitals of America," Fossey stated gratefully.  "I have tremendous respect for PHA, its mission, its leadership and its commitment to improved quality of care for patients on a nationwide basis.  Members of PHA dedicate their own dollars to the improvement of patient care in the United States," added Fossey. 

Physician Hospitals of America typically presents their awards during their annual Executive Summit, which is to be held this year in Asheville, NC, October 11-13.  Due to a scheduling conflict, Ms. Fossey will be unable to attend the awards.  As such, an award ceremony was held today in Tyler at Texas Spine & Joint Hospital, a PHA member hospital. 

Following the ceremony, Fossey acknowledged key PHA leaders.  "I particularly want to thank Physician Hospitals of America's current President, Senator Blake Curd, M.D., past President Mike Russell, M.D., and PHA board member Milla Perry Jones for their support.  

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