Better East Texas: Finding solutions to reasons behind NFL protests

(KLTV) - It was impossible to miss the back and forth between President Trump and the National Football League on the issue of standing during the National Anthem.  The visuals were some of the most compelling we have seen in expressing the differences between the players and the flag and the emotions in the stands. 

Many teams were booed – there was also blowback on the president for his language describing some players. Unfortunately, the discussion – what little of it there was - on why players are protesting has been shoved aside and the broad verbal assaults by the President have magnified these on field actions.  People are kneeling that never would have kneeled and that is a problem.

Now, I believe we should always, always stand in reverence when the National Anthem is played – no question. Our country should supersede any political party affiliation or our feeling for what someone has done or said.  At the same time, President Trump has offered no solution – offer to dialogue – or any actionable suggestions other than to fire players. That doesn't solve the problem and will only cause league members and management to dig in and unite and it would all be against Trump more than focused on addressing true social issues that need dialogue.

And if players are so united, they should band together across races and pool money or resources to truly work to address social and cultural issues that need attention – not just kneel.  Surely participants on all sides will rise in maturity and work for a solution and not just a louder voice. 

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