Active Day For Tyler City Council

They claim the city's master street plan will stop them from developing their property. Wednesday, property owners were before the city council, pleading for an appeal.

The controversy centered around 36 acres of land just off of Highway 69. The city's revised street plan proposes a four lane road that could be built through that land.  The council denied the property owners request.

Mayor Joey Seeber said the request asked for the road to be removed, but did not propose an alternative.

However, if the owners can propose an alternative, the plan could be amended. "This is a guide we need to get from point 'A' to 'B.' It is not an exact prescription of an exact leaps and bounds route that this road will take. So this council will be open to alternatives," Mayor Seeber said.

In other action, the council approved a resolution that will allow Tyler to join with other East Texas cities in a fight against a planned rate increase from CenterPoint Energy. It does not yet affect Tyler.

Maya Golden, reporting,