Trashing East Texas: Officers Scouring Dumps Looking For I.D.

We heard from you and checked into a complaint of people Trashing East Texas in Rusk County.  We found illegal dumps of tires, paint cans, appliances and beer bottles littering the beautiful countryside. And with your help, Rusk County lawmen are fighting back.

We visited a dumpsite of tires on County Road 358 southeast of Henderson.

"We've been having deputies try to sit out here, and wait for them to catch them," says Rusk County Sheriff's Sgt. Darryl Norris.

Reporter: "How many tires do you think are out here?"

Norris: "Would think 300 or 400."

It's almost staggering the work it'll take to clean up this mess. It wasn't just one truck bed full to get all these tires here. It's secluded.

Norris says it was the perfect place to dump the past several months.

"[It took] probably two or three months [to create] and we've looked through to see if there were any names or tire company names to see if we could trace it back, and nothing yet," he says.

There's not much ID on a tire, but the smallest clue with a phone number, a part of a name, or address gives him enough information to make a case. But with illegal dumping as much a problem as ever, he needs more eyes.

"[We need] one of the citizens out here, writing down the license plate for it and we can trace it back from there. At least we will know, if we find some tires on another county road and someone saw some tires there, that at least gives us a place to start," he says.

But where to start the investigation, Norris is going from one dump site to another, like one miles away in Turnertown.

"We're not going to give up. If we catch them, they will pay quite a bit more, and they'll be out here cleaning it all up until it's satisfactory," he says.

Reported by Morgan Palmer.