Judges Feel Threatened, Say Courthouse Improvements Needed Soon

New information for Smith County Commissioners to consider, as they decide how to expand and improve the Smith County Courthouse and Jail.

The Council of Judges met in court this afternoon.

District Judge Cynthia Kent says remodeling the courthouse and building a new jail would be cheaper than combining the two in a new justice center. However, a justice center would better accommodate our growing community and provide better security.

Whatever gets done, there are at least a couple of judges who say it needs to be done quickly.

"I continue to have problems with litigants following me down the stairs, following me out the steps," 321st District Judge Carole Clark, said. "I'm ready for them to do something, if they could just tell us what they're doing."

Judge Clark is the one who heard the child support case of the courthouse shooter, David Arroyo.

Julie Tam, reporting. jtam@kltv.com