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LISD releases video of school bus crash

An LISD bus driver is thrown around in a crash. Photo Source: LISD. An LISD bus driver is thrown around in a crash. Photo Source: LISD.

Longview Independent School District has released video of the moment during Monday’s wreck when a pickup rammed a bus in a Longview intersection.

The driver of the pickup, Alan Dale Holmes was arrested and charged with DWI at the scene.

Fortunately the bus was nearly at the end of its route when the truck hit. There were only three people on the bus at the time of impact: a student, and aid and the driver. Elizabeth Ross, who is the LISD spokeswoman as well as being a mother, has seen the video several times, but still flinches when she plays it.

“When you’re on there trying to get a child home safely and something like this, out of your control happens, it’s terrifying,” Liz said.

There were two cameras on the special needs bus, one on the passengers, and one on the driver. The bus was heading for its last drop.

“There were six students on the bus coming from Ned E. Williams, which is one of our longest routes,” Ross said.

They left the school about fifteen minutes earlier. At 3:28, a pickup ran a stop sign at Dean and Hutchings in south Longview. The bus was hit so hard it was pushed into a yard and stopped just short of a house.

“We never want this to happen; never want a bus wreck to happen, but if a wreck’s going to happen we want the least amount of people to be on it as possible,” Ross stated.

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Ross says seat belts are now required by law on 2017 and newer buses. Not all LISD buses have them, but:

“This, being one of our special needs buses, had the seat belts on there,” Ross revealed.

However riders are not required to wear them. The aide and the student were thrown across the aisle and onto neighboring seats. The bus driver was buckled in, which kept her from flying into the bus door.

“This is a testament to our bus drivers. She handled this very well. I’m sure she’s hurting today but I’m very proud that she did so well with it in a very, very tough situation,” Ross added.

The three on the bus were treated and released from a hospital. They’re pretty sore but will be just fine.

Bond was set at $20,000 for Alan Dale Holmes. He refused a breathalyzer test at the scene, and refused a blood test at the hospital. Holmes’ blood was finally tested after police obtained a warrant. This was Holmes second DWI offense.

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