Better East Texas: Small Emmy audience sign of political times

(KLTV) - The Emmy awards aired recently and the TV audience for the Hollywood elite was the smallest ever. I have been critical of programs on ABC and so I consider the Emmy's – airing on another network, fair game. They are fair game because of the over-the-top amount of political jabbing that took place by the host, Stephen Colbert, and numerous presenters and sight gags including Sean Spicer's skit. 

That in itself was reason for millions to not take in the program.  There was a time when awards shows had some amount of decorum and class as they pulled back the curtain on the entertainment industry and we got to see some of our favorite personalities and we applauded when names were announced and, as viewers, we came away with a greater appreciation for the art and looked forward to the next movie or next program.  But times have changed and the erosion of quality in the Emmy's and other awards shows is obvious and the practice of regular political jabs has increased. 

Social media has done nothing but magnify this trend, so it is doubtful that we will ever return to awards shows and movies and TV programs that entertain and give us an actual break from the rigors of everyday life  - especially the seemingly constant bombardment of political messages from every side. The Emmy's are only the posterchild for this larger condition and until they and other groups with similar platforms revise the program content, we will be locked in a miserable political whirlpool.

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