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7/26/05-Van Zandt County &Kaufman County

Sex Offenders Turn Up Missing

Are local sex offenders where they are supposed to be?

Tonight, we know not all of them are.

For the past few hours, more than 60 law enforcement officers from Van Zandt and Kaufman Counties went on a "sex offender round-up."

We followed two of the officers around Van Zandt County, as they checked up on registered sex offenders at their homes. The third home we went to, the sex offender was nowhere to be found. The sheriff's deputies knocked on his door. Then relatives living next door came out and told them, he doesn't live there anymore, he moved out about a month ago, and they don't know where he is.

He is Jason Allen Ladd, 27, convicted of sexually assaulting a 14-year-old girl. Authorities say the last time they had contact with him was three months ago.

We asked the deputy if there's a chance Ladd just forgot to notify him of his move.

"Usually the ones that forget are the ones that we'll send them a letter, if they're a week late, and they'll come in and take care of their business," Deputy Charly Barton, of the Van Zandt County Sheriff's Department, said. "When they up and move off, it's generally not a good sign, especially when the family doesn't know where they've moved to."

The sheriff's department will have a warrant out for the arrest of Ladd and three other sex offenders who have not complied. Van Zandt County authorities arrested one other sex offender tonight. And in Kaufman County, authorities made two arrests.

Failing to comply as a registered sex offender is a 3rd degree felony. If found guilty, the offender could face two to 20 years in prison.

Julie Tam, reporting.


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