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7/26/05-Smith County

Survey Crew Examining Sink Hole

Survey crews are on the scene this week at the now famous Smith County sinkhole.

They are trying to determine if it can be repaired and the roadway reopened.

Officials with the Texas Department of Transportation said the crew will work to find if the ground has settled.

At this time, the hole is filled with standing water. Officials said that is a sign there is firm ground below the crater.

However, several smaller holes are showing up.

"It's unstable, it's washing away," said Larry Krantz, PIO with TxDot. "There's been cracking. The cracking has gone up the pavement in both directions. It's hard to know the degree of instablity in terms of how much weight it would bare if we put a heavy piece of equipment on it."

TxDot hopes to have the survey crew's findings and recommendations by the end of the week.

Maya Golden reporting,

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