Judge Becky Dempsey Releases Proposed Smith County Budget

Smith County Judge Becky Dempsey will not be calling for a tax increase next year, but she'll be dipping into the county's reserves to balance the budget. The judge presented her budget plan to the court this morning.

She says although higher property values helped, that will not be enough to balance the budget. "While we do have a balanced budget, we are still spending more than what we're bringing in. Now, we're able to balance the budget because we have reserves that we carry over into next year. But we don't need to live off those reserves. We need to live off the revenues that we get every year. So there are some opportunities that we'll be identifying in the days to come," said Judge Dempsey.

The county's projected spending is about $47,879,000 dollars. The county's projected revenue is 47,122,000 dollars. That leaves the county with a $756,000 dollar deficit that will paid in part by those county reserves. A public hearing regarding the budget, which this year includes no job cuts, is scheduled for August 16th.

Oralia Ortega, reporting. ortega@kltv.com