Walker Larue prepares for Pebble Beach in Tyler

Walker Larue prepares for Pebble Beach in Tyler

Almost four years ago, Walker Larue had his moment. The moment he realized what he wanted to do for the rest of his life.

"We went out and played a couple of holes and I had told my dad, I remember this specifically, on the second hole I wanted to play golf for the rest of my life. That was the sport I was meant to be in," said Walker Larue, 17 year old golfer and Whitehouse native.

But the journey to get there wasn't as easy as stepping out on the green.

"7th grade I did not have a good year. I had some family loses and that was really hard because I had never really experienced that before," said Larue.

Hoping that a change scenery would lift his spirits, Larue enrolled at a different school.

"Some of those kids at that school told me about First Tee and that's what really started it," said Larue.

A network that reaches across all 50 states, First Tee partners with the LPGA and PGA Tour to not only teach golf but life lessons.

"I tell everyone if I didn't do First Tee I wouldn't be playing golf right now. The biggest impact I've probably had on my life so far," said Larue.

Today, Larue is preparing for the best opportunity First Tee has to offer. A spot in the Pure Insurance Championship, playing alongside Championship Tour pro golfers at Pebble Beach.

"I really want to pay attention to really their fundamentals and what they do and what they play. Watch and see how they handle different situations. I never thought that I'd be going to Pebble Beach for joining First Tee. It's an awesome accomplishment in my books," said Larue.

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