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One Killed In Longview South Side Shooting

A young man is gunned down as he walk in his south Longview neighborhood early this morning with no apparent motive. This comes less than a week after a man was shot to death at the front door of his home in south Longview.

"I think we need more patrols in this area cause its kind of getting out of hand!" says area resident Raynard Bradley.

A quiet morning was shattered as around 6 a.m., homeowners on oden street were awakened by a flurry of gunshots.

"Neighbors in the area heard some shots this morning, came outside saw a couple of subjects running from the area and a vehicle leave at a high rate of speed.  They saw the victim take a few steps, stagger and fall to the ground," said Sargeant S.W. Pendleton of the Longview police.

A 25-year-old man was dead, shot three times. David Earl Parks of Longview lying in the roadway with wounds to the chest and arm. He had never been in trouble with police, was a well liked young man, and there are no clues to his murder, no drug or gang connection.

"It makes you scared to go to your own door.  If you were to knock on my door right now and I look through the peep hole, I'm going to look through my peep hole sideways cause I don't want to get shot," says Bradley.

The investigation is hampered by neighbors who are saying nothing, fearing reprisals from whoever did this.

"I think we need more control over this area cause its getting a little rough over here right now," Bradley says.

This is the second homicide in the city since July 20th when 19-year-old Delunta Oliver was shot and killed when he answered his front door on 12th street in south Longview. Those that live here are tired of being afraid and want their neighborhood back.

Anyone with information on this case its asked to call crimestoppers or Longview police.

Bob Hallmark, reporting.


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