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Louis Gohmert Holds Special Meeting In Nacogdoches

Texas Congressman Louie Gohmert paid a visit to Nacogdoches this morning. Gohmert and a colleague held a committee hearing regarding N.E.P.A., the National Environmental Policy Act. N.E.P.A. helps federal agencies establish a framework for environmental planning and decision making. Now a house task force committee is looking to improve on the act with help from East Texans.

Gohmert, and Representrative Cathy McMorris of Washington State, heard testimony from representatives with several natural resource companies from East Texas and Austin. Both representatives agree that the public hearing is important because it lets them hear from a wide array of people.  "If you are going to have a hearing, hear from those who think there is a problem so you can analyze whether there really is or not because otherwise you just have a need for one witness and everything is going great and go away.  Well, hear from the ones that think that there is a problem and we will analyze whether there is one or not," said Gohmert. 

This the third in a series of five hearings over N.E.P.A.  The task force will report their findings at the end of september.

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