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Hundreds Wait In Line For Mexican Government ID's, Passports

More than 500 people in Tyler ventured into Saturday's sweltering heat with the hopes of receiving identification from the Mexican government.
The Mexican Consulate from Dallas provided matricula, or a government identification, and passports at Hillside Community Center.
Some people began lining up late Friday night, others before dawn. There was such a huge turnout, the Consulate had to turn some people away. The mobile set up helps those who cannot make the trip to Dallas.
Consulate officials said there is a great need in the Mexican Community for such services.
"It's very important, because in this way the Mexican government knows how many Mexican people are living in a certain place at a certain moment," said Hugo Juarez-Carrillo, Deputy Consulate General. "It provides a person with a document in English and Spanish saying who he is, where he lives, and where he is from."
Carrillo said in some Texas cities, the identification can be used to open up bank accounts or regular proof of identity.
The consulate will return to East Texas next year.

Maya Golden reporting,

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