Better East Texas: Coddling college students comes with a price

(KLTV) - In this age of seemingly endless daily protests for and against causes, we quickly lose sight that a culture of protests has a price, and it is showing up on several college campuses with reduced enrollment causing financial troubles.  

One such university is the University of Missouri in Columbia, Missouri. Mizzou has a great broadcasting school and was growing in popularity and enrollment until 2015 when a series of protests – centered around a charge of racial bigotry - led to the resignation of the university system president and the campus chancellor. That may have been a needed outcome to help address the problem. But that is where the backlash truly began.

Since the incidents in 2015 which, by the way, inspired numerous other protests across the nation, the enrollment at Missouri has dropped significantly with students of every racial make-up deciding to attend college elsewhere. The new administration blew it and did not reset the culture of learning. Several prominent liberal colleges are experiencing similar blowback from alumni, and now parents of students with contracting support of colleges that allow a culture of protests.

Now injustice needs to be addressed, but some colleges have gone so far to accommodate splinter needs like students requiring safe spaces and groups that forbid free speech through violent acts, that there is no surprise when alumni start pulling back. It is the continuation of coddling the current college student generation to the point that learning becomes secondary and that, in itself, is a crime.

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